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The Dream…


After lots of pondering of what my post-Air Force life would look like, I remembered a tiny dream that I had as a high school junior... A Coffee Shop. Back then I had laid out the whole plan and it would be called "The Java Cream"... 24 years later, it will be forever known as my "Java Dream" come true.

Thank you for allowing me to share this dream with you. The concept is simple, yet eclectic. We will offer Locally Sourced Coffee and Gelato.  We will have comfortable seating with space to have small meetings.  Parents and grandparents will be able to sit and watch their little ones eat gelato and build things with Legos. We will have WiFi for guest use.


The idea is that this will be a place of community… a place to meet old friends and make new ones.  A place for a first date… A place where dreams are written on a napkin and put into motion.  We will feature local artisans and have occasional special events, such as craft fairs and gallery art nights. 


I hope you will join us for a cup of java and share your dreams… 

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